Residing in the Kude Mountains, Morandera is the home of the mighty Mountain Dwarves. At first glance the kingdom looks small and unworthy of praise. But underneath the mountain is where their culture truly thrives. Underneath the city is a network of tunnels so complicated even the most seasoned of dwarfs can get lost. Most of the inhabitants are miners or smithies by trade, though a few have taken up leather working

Political Statistics

Population: 1,572,439

Dominate Race: Dwarf

City Size: Large

Chief Export: Weapons and Armor

Chief Import: Hops and Barley

Military Statistics

Number of Troops: 62,195

Archers: 10,192

Foot Soldiers: 21,910

Crossbowman: 30,093

Generals: 3


Manastream Tyrias