Chapter 1
The Goblin Crusade

King Phyric has called for a band of local adventurers to settle a matter of what he believes to be dire importance. It appears various goblin tribes to the west of Kael are rallying armies that threaten the peace and tranquility of the city. Keeping most of the information to himself, the King informs the troop that they are to head west to investigate.

Shortly up the path, the adventurers meet up with a traveler by the name of Pyreloth. After proving himself as an ally, he assures them that he will provide any aid he can, and promises to meet up with them after completing his own task.

Traveling forth, the characters fall victim to a pit trap. After regaining their bearings, they decide to follow a tunnel in the pit which leads to a dungeon of unknown size or origin. Eventually, after stumbling around in a labyrinth, they meet up with Pyreloth, who proceeds to tell them that they are in the crypt of Kael’thas, a once powerful demon who reigned over the land long ago before being defeated by Bahamut in combat.

They journey on in the labyrinth until they meet up with an old Goblin sorcerer named Nole. He tells them he was payed off by the leader of the Goblin armies to distract them, and that he was the one who created the labyrinth. He also introduces a new form of magic called glyph magic to the curious wizard, Garland. After parting ways with Nole, they part ways with Pyreloth and find a pathway leading out of the labyrinth and further down into the dungeon.

Eventually, the adventurers reach the end of the crypt, and journey into a room where even magical light cannot see through the darkness. After feeling out their surroundings, Nole reveals himself to the adventurers once more. Nole uses his Revealing Glyph to reveal that they are standing on the corpse of Kael’thas himself. He then proceeds to tell them that he used to be the chief of the oncoming Goblin tribe, until the new leader overthrew him and exiled him to the crypt. Continuing on, he tells the adventurers that the new Goblin leader is really the son of Kael’thas himself, and seeks to revive him using the souls of the soon-to-be-slain Kaelites.

The adventurers leave the dungeon after receiving an ambassador imp telling them to hurry home soon. Upon arriving, they are informed that King Phyric has been assassinated, and the city’s magical protection, being bound to his soul, has now been destroyed. The new Steward, Steward James, named the adventurers generals in his army and told them to prepare for the oncoming goblin onslaught on their now unprotected city.

After a devastating battle against the Goblins, their Orc allies, and a 400 foot hydra, the adventurers retreat to the castle to bask in the glory of victory. Steward James calls them forth to congratulate them, but sends a mixed message. After merging forms with the Royal Wizard, he reveals himself to be Pyreloth and the true leader of the Goblin army. Then, using his demonic powers, he absorbs the souls of the dead, and assumes his true demon form. After an epic battle, the adventurers defeat Pyreloth, who uses the last of his power to create a Gate to Hell, fleeing from the kingdom.

After everything calms down, Nole is named the new King of Kael, and each of the adventurers are rewarded with positions on the High Council. After consulting with Pelor, Tyrias informs the party that the Gods have caught up with Pyreloth, and he is being dealt with accordingly.


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